In questo paese con 15 euro si costruisce una casa la disoccupazione è allo 0%

martedì, 17 maggio 2016

Mayor of Marinaleda and member of the regional Andalusian parliament representing the United Left (IU) party  Manuel Sanchez Gordillo takes part to a protest during the occupation of ''Las Turquillas'', a 1,200-hectare plot of land owned by Spain's military, near the southern Spanish town of Osuna, on the occasion of the first of may on May 4, 2013. Some of the 500 unionists of the SAT (Andalusian Union of Workers Union) started on May 1 to occupy Las Turquillas, as they did 18 days last year, demanding to the Ministry of Defence to allow them to set up a communal agricultural project on the part of the land that is not used by militaries, more that 1,000 hectares.    AFP PHOTO/ JORGE GUERRERO        (Photo credit should read Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

Bastano 15 euro per comprarsi la casa e la disoccupazione non esiste. Siamo a Marinaleda, un piccolo paese rurale vicino a Siviglia, e sembra che qui la qualità della vita […]...


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